Pictured: EventSet Standard Truss with coroplast facade and EventSet Hardfence

Event Trusses

EventSet offers two truss sytems. Both are scaleable to fit your venue and can be outfitted and branded for your event.

Hard Fence/Better Barriers

EventSet Fence is designed to delinate the course and keep spectators and competitors safe. Our Better Barriers design offers impact protection, gated access and layback options.

Soft Fence

EventSet Soft Fence can be used by itself or in conjunction with our Hard Fence. Logoed and customized soft fence is available.

On Course: Podiums, Rope, Cones and Event Tape

EventSet offers other ways to organize and manage your event. When the situation calls for something other than fence, our rope and cones help guide competitors and spectators. Customized Event/Course tape add a great personal touch.

Professional Services
EventSet Team has years of experience designing course signage, truss facades, banners and competitor numbers. 

Pictured: EventSet Lite Truss with  EventSet Hardfence

Often among the most photographed, your Start and Finish Line are your event's first and last impression. Let's make it a standout.
Standard Truss
EventSet Standard Truss is our go-to system for most start/finish line applications. Our standard truss has a modular structure so it can span large roadways and provide the desired road clearance. We've even outiftted it with speaker mounts so you can deliver music and race commentary to spectators. Our Standard Truss can be outfitted with customized graphic facades to represent your brand and event well.
Lite Truss
When remote start locations and KOM/Sprint Lines require a Truss system with less fanfare, look no further than EventSet Lite Truss. Two towers and customizable banners provide course signage. The cross member banner can be customized to span a road of nearly any width. The Lite Truss system works in conjunction with our hard fence to present a clean and polished appearance on a budget.  

Pictured: EventSet Hardfence

We've improved on standard barricade hard fence. Our EventSet Better Barricade Hard Fence boosts innovative features that benefit everyone regardless of which side you're on.
We are leader in athlete/spectator safety and are your source for CPA/UCI Safe Course Design and compliance.
Hard Fence
At EventSet, we've conceived a better way to do Hard Fence. Easy to set up and take down, Hard Fence is the workhorse in our fencing fleet. Rented by the unit, each section is 10 feet long and 48" high. Hard fence can even be covered with sponsor logos or soft fence for a seamless presentation. In addition we offer these exclusive added features: 
Inline - Call us OCD or just detail oriented but nothing looks worse than a final finishing stretch that looks like it fell off the back of the truck. Our fence fits perfectly together inline, which is better for athletes, spectators and everyone's fingers. 
Layback - Give your sponsors and athletes more visibility and a safer approach to the finish line with our Layback option. Athletes will have more room to ride or run and your sponsors will have greater exposure with our fence reclined slightly into the crowd. This will also keep spectators at bay in the heated dash for the line. 
BodyBumper - In certain sports and applications, our hard fence can be in the fall zone. Our focus on athlete safety has given birth to BodyBumper, a deflection and energy absorption overlay to our Hard Fence. BodyBumper won't make up for risky behavior, mistakes or make our fence "less hard" but given the option, everyone deserves a softer landing.  
EasyGate - Specifically designed for road crossings, staging areas and emergency/first responder access, EventSet EasyGate creates easy openings in our hard fence at designated locations.

Pictured: EventSet Custom Printed Course Tape

Need more cowbell? While your venue and course look amazing, sometimes it takes a little more to keep everything running smoothly (pun intended!)  Check out what we have to offer.
Podium: Perfect for your awards presentation and photo ops with the kids. Use our standard facade or customize your own. For rent. 
Podium Backdrop: Speaking of podiums, let's create a fun custom podium backdrop that brands your event and exposes your sponsors.  Podiums Backdrops are custom printed for your event.
Start Wind Flags: Perfect for those remote start locations or when you need to identify the venue location from the road.  Fourteen feet tall, large wind flags are easily identified. For rent. 
Rope: Ropelines can be an effective way of marking a course and keeping light spectator crowds at bay.  For rent.
Traffic Cones: Old school but effective.  For rent.
Event Tents: We've got the inside line on tents of all sizes for your event. For rent.

We've logged countless miles and hours to make sure we get it right. Through the process, we've acquired a prespective and curiousity for what is possible and how to do it right. 
Graphic Design
Whether you're customizing a truss, banner or section of fence, our team at EventSet, is ready to help. We have experience designing products and displays that cover the sides of buildings down to the race number on your back. Call us to discuss your ideas with our team today.  303-248-6018
Venue Design & Event Consultation
If you're new to running events or just want it envisioned from a fresh perspective, we're here as partners in the process. Our checklist makes sure that all options are vetted and details attended to ensure a successful event.

Pictured:  EventSet Hardfence


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